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Fostering our community resilience through coffee quality and relationships

Gasharu Coffee recognizes that to ensure sustainable production of good quality coffee it is imperative to do more to protect natural resources, both flora, and fauna, and this is only possible if coffee businesses intentionally establish more sustainable partnerships to work in synergy with locally-owned coffee businesses and coffee farming communities. Our family has enjoyed farming and processing coffee for more than four decades and is proud to behave this coffee culture pass on to generations. Our family and our community have relied on coffee, supporting the daily livelihoods of the majority of families and remaining the main source of income to all households in our community.

Gasharu Coffee is more than a family business. It carries the coffee legacy in the community and protects the values of coffee as a social cohesion tool that it is at the blick to be lost as more multinational coffee companies take over more and more of the coffee.

Gasharu Coffee will be imperative to do more to protect natural resources, both flora, and fauna, and this will only be possible if business owners innovate to establish more sustainable partnerships to work in synergy. 


Years farming coffee


Partner farmers


Community members employed annually with 70% of them women.


Coffee Trees



Locally-owned, community-conscious, inspiring optimal quality and innovation in coffee farming and processing.

Partners and clients

Root Capital


Umuko Coffee


"Best smelling coffee. I’ve been getting more and more into espresso since work from home began in March. After figuring out how important the quality of the bean really is I had been mail ordering new beans every few weeks from Seattle but recently took a trip up to Burlington for a long weekend and stopped at Brio to have an espresso and bought these beans while there. These are by far the best smelling beans I’ve had in the last five months and about ten different variety of beans. the smell translates over to the taste as well. Very fruity."


“I will admit that I was underwhelmed by this at first. The anaerobic process had me expecting something totally crazy, but these beans produce a very light and subtle cup. The more I drink it, the more I appreciate all the unusual and understated flavors, like: wine, melon, tropical  fruits, and tea. This coffee brings a lot to the table without being overpowering.”


"Excellent – smooth, subtle honey flavor when served hot. It reminds me quite a bit of the Easy Drinker with how smooth it is to sip, but its got more fruity flavor than the ED."

Jillian Goodwyn 

"We started working with Gasharu in 2020 and were positively impressed by the quality of the coffees and the proactivity of Valentin Kimenyi, the managing director. Valentin managed to find multiple buyers for his coffees and was very cooperative on the operational side."

Luiza Furquim, Discoveries Manager at Algrano

"First attempt was to do my usual med-coarse grind + 4min brew at ~200F for french press. That turned out pretty sour. After a few experiments I got to a medium (on the smaller side) grind and 8 min of extraction to coax enough body out. Now, we're in business. Very floral with a chocolate backbone so I guess it's like drinking a box of chocolates with a bouquet of roses. Not bad at all!"


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